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Tips for Feeding Picky Eaters

Tips for Feeding Picky Eaters


Being a parent is tough! There are so many pressures to be Pinterest perfect, and it seems we need to be experts at all things electronic or social media these days. Having a picky eater is not out of the ordinary, but it doesn’t make parenting any easier! Now that kids are home for summer, I’ve been reminded of this conundrum of my own!

I’ve got ages 3-17 at home, and every kind of pickiness you could imagine! I’m so thankful that my teenage boys appreciate the ease of grabbing a Cafe Latte Shakeology on their way to school or practice. Honestly, I think they want it mostly because it gives them a few more minutes of sleep in the morning! But I’ll take it, because it’s a great fill-in and I know they’re not getting everything they need nutritionally otherwise – especially since they are in sports seasons and traveling to games almost year round. They are starting to appreciate it even now as a nice, cool summer frappe treat!

My youngest three are the toughest. Daily Sunshine has been a life-saver for our toddler. There have been days where that is basically all she will eat! I used to keep PediaSure around when my older kids were young, because they are so picky! I dare you to read the ingredients label on those so-called “nutrition supplements for toddlers”. I was shocked. Daily Sunshine is well-rounded straight nutrition. You can shake it with water, blend it with ice and milk, freeze it to make popsicles – so many fun ways to have it.

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I have also found these tips below super helpful:

Breakfast doesn’t need to be only breakfast foods.

Your child may not like eggs, cereal, or applesauce pancakes (highly likely they will enjoy those! See recipe below). How about a turkey sandwich with a side of baby carrots? It has protein, whole grains and veggies – nothing wrong with that!

Push fruits and veggies, but don’t obsess about it.

Serve fruits and veggies at every meal, and encourage your kids to eat at least one bite. The goal is to get them to like healthy food long-term. If it becomes a battle, it could backfire on you.

Take your kids rainbow hunting.

Have your kids help choose colorful produce. Teach them that fruits and veggies contain different nutrients that will give them their colors. Kids tend to be more willing to try new flavors when they’ve helped pick them out.  Also try this fun print-out! Think of a cool reward like a small toy or an experience together for when this is all filled out. Click here.

Give them options.

I’ve found that dinners like Make Your Own Pizza night or Taco Night are perfect for our crew. I can offer lots of different options for pizza toppings or for taco add-ins, and everyone is happy!

Cut yourself some slack.

Do your best to encourage good nutrition, but don’t stress too much. As long as kids get a balanced diet over time. they’ll still grow up healthy. Just make sure they get their Daily Sunshine, and keep trying!

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