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The Doctor Is In!

The Doctor Is In!

I’m SO EXCITED to introduce you to my very best friend – the steady to my crazy, and my biggest cheerleader and supporter – my husband of almost 20 years, Kent Bowden DO, FACOS.

He is a published General Surgeon who has been practicing for 10 years and has a special focus in diseases of the gut and abdomen such as reflux, hernia, and cancer surgery.  Most importantly, he is an amazing father to our 5 kids and my favorite person ever!

He has so much knowledge when it comes to nutrition and health, and it’s fine time he starts sharing it with you here! Enjoy!

“I sat in clinic last week addressing one more of my patients one more time on the subject of nutrition and how it relates to their health and I made a comment that drew a surprised laugh from them.  It resonated with me and I’ve been thinking on it since.

Daily I see patients who suffer from a myriad of maladies and struggle with their weight, often it relates to the cause of the surgical issue they are seeing me for and always it is a cog on the wheel of health that must be in place for good surgical outcomes and results that are satisfactory to my patients.  This patient had been challenged to lose 30 lbs. before seeing me again when I saw her in March.  She was more than 100 pounds overweight and we discussed that 5 pound a month was reasonable and should be achievable with small changes in diet and activity.  She had agreed and left the room in March excited to pursue that goal and return in 6 months having met that goal and then be ready to pursue a surgery that would help her to feel better.

She returned at her six month goal and had not lost a single pound, not one.  In six months she did not move the needle one iota.  When this happens, which is often, I am surprised every time that the patient even shows for the appointment.

As I sat there with her the comment that drew the laugh was  ‘if what you are eating is coming out of a box… you’re eating the wrong things’

I am surprised sometimes at the lack of understanding that people have that the food we eat is the fuel our body needs to build, to heal, and to help us lose weight.  But in truth being healthy and maintaining health requires effort and discipline.  Our family has been blessed to have taken an interest in nutrition and health at an early age and my wife and I continue to try to help people daily with this: me in my practice and my wife in her business as a Beachbody coach.

I understand well that being healthy or returning to health or establishing a healthy lifestyle isn’t easy. It takes work, it takes educating yourself and it takes support to become successful.  There is no ‘easy button’, no pill, no magic meal or magic drink or even a surgery that will melt away the pounds or instantly restore health.  Nothing compares to the outcomes that come from consistency over time.  It takes a decision and a commitment just to start the journey and that is exactly what it will be, a journey. With my work as a surgeon I am very familiar with the options out there that people use to lose weight.  What we have found in Beachbody is a company that promotes a lifestyle of health with exercise programs designed for everyone from the couch potato to the college athlete.  This is naturally coupled with their focus on nutrition to achieve the best results. Our relationship with Beachbody has aided us and has better equipped us to help others on this journey.”

In the coming newsletters we hope to have a section where I can answer nutrition and health questions. Feel free to send questions in and I will work to give helpful answers in “The Doctor is In”. (For reference I am a surgeon focused on diseases of the abdomen)

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  • Kristin Martin

    November 2, 2019 at 3:10 pm Reply

    I’m super excited for more contributions from “The Doctor Is In”! I believe it will help me have conversations with people like the ones you see in your office. Awesome addition! Thanks Becky & Kent!

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