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Let me take a minute to tell you about the supplements I use. I didn’t start out looking for these things, with the exception of 1. But I have found over time, the enormous benefit to them!

And yes, I compare them. Of course, I want the best bang for my buck just like anyone else!

There are a few that I have found personally make or break my mojo to keep going. Because I have 5 kids and a busy life and an even busier husband, we get up EARLY in the mornings together to get our workout done. This started mostly out of desperation because it can be the only time we actually see each other on any given day. So, it was a necessity, because otherwise neither of us were getting any exercise in, or seeing each other!

In came Energize.

Oh, how I love this stuff! Energize is the pre-workout we use that helps us wake up just enough to get going and it’s clinically proven to increase performance during exercise. Best thing is there’s no crash or jittery feeling, because there is minimal caffeine.

The next one up is Hydrate. This is one we have to stock up on during our boys’ sports seasons! It’s a must to help replace electrolytes from those hard cardio workouts and my teenage boys rely on it to keep from cramping during soccer and basketball games. Think Gatorade, but without all the sugar and the LONG list of artificial ingredients. Have you ever read the back of a sports drink bottle?? Yikes.

Recover. This one we always notice if we forget to drink it because we are noticeably more sore without it! It’s a protein specifically formulated to hit your muscles quick right after a workout to help them recover and repair. Protein is essential in building and keeping muscle.

Then of course, Shakeology. My go-to breakfast for 5 whole years! This fast food is the reason I became a coach. I wanted the discount! Best investment ever. It fills in the nutritional gaps that I know I have daily! Because, yeah – I struggle to eat all those veggies. Which means the answer is NO, it’s NOT a protein shake! It’s a super food shake! Learn more by watching this.

These are all the supplements I use daily! I love that I can trust the ingredients and quality, knowing I can actually feel the difference if I haven’t had these!

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