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Success at Losing Weight with No Restrictions and No Exercise!

I am floored at the realization that I currently have several people in my weight loss accountability group that are finding incredible success, and it’s not just in weight loss!

There’s so much freedom found in the “un-diet”. I like calling it that because it’s the opposite of dieting! People are loving the fact that they don’t have to weigh food, measure or count calories.

So, what is it then?

The focus is on a healthy lifestyle, a positive mindset and learning positive tips and tricks for weight loss that you can use for a lifetime of weight loss success!

No yo-yo diets, no short-term deprivation. This is lifelong!

Introducing The 2B Mindset.

My friend Colleen, for example, is recently retired and had back surgery in April. She was told she could not exercise while she was healing. Being limited in her activity level, she thought that might deter her from losing weight. She joined me in May, and as of mid-July, she has lost a total of 20 pounds! All with no exercise and no food restrictions! She says the accountability of the group and the simple tools provided are easy to remember and think of throughout the day. Also the positivity associated with the scale was huge for her!

There are many others in my group who have found great success so far with this program, and are excited to keep going. There’s no burn-out feeling because it works so well with your lifestyle. Brianne, an active mom and cheer coach,  has lost 30 pounds so far! She told me that the program has helped her be more mindful with her food. She said, “Remembering ‘Water First’ has helped me to be more aware. Even though my goal is for more weight loss I feel motivated and confident! Before I did not have energy all day. I used to eat mindlessly, when I was bored, or just because  it must be “time” to eat. Now I eat when my body feels hungry.”

Another example is Marcia, who recently graduated her youngest from high school. She has also lost 30 pounds in the last 8 weeks and is still going! She says, “Not measuring or counting calories is great. I love having more energy! At this point I can’t do much exercise without my knee complaining so I really appreciate being able to do this with no exercise. Hopefully that will change. It is already easier for daily activities! Also tracking keeps me in the game mentally. Mostly it’s everything put together!  I love this program. It’s doable and very easy to follow!“

I’ll share just one more for now 😉

My friend Megan is a busy mom of little ones and an entrepreneur.  She has also dropped 20 pounds! She told me, “Really the change of mindset has helped me most. Not freaking out about enjoying a treat, still being able to have carbs, and knowing WHEN to have them!!”. She also said that learning the simplicity of the program has been instrumental for her.

I hope you find these testimonials encouraging! One surprising thing that has happened in our private, online accountability group that I didn’t expect is the friendships that are being built. When someone has a setback or a hard day, they share it and the group rallies to encourage them. Even if someone is going through something really hard in life, like losing a loved one, we are all there. It’s been amazing! Doesn’t this sound fantastic? Why don’t you join us? Please leave me a message and I’ll get back to you right away on how to get started. If you’ve struggled to lose weight, stay consistent with nutrition or with emotional eating  and yo-yo dieting, this is for you!

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