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I know many people have “running” shoes and like to mix running with at home workouts, which are often HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) and what most Beachbody programs consist of.

Running and HIIT are very different when it comes to your feet:

“It’s important to protect your foot during high-demand workouts. Your ankles and heels crave a locked-in feel for lifting weights, and your mid- and forefoot also need support. “Running is a linear activity, but HIIT training is very different,” says Kristen Rudenauer, Reebok’s senior product manager for training footwear. “Movements such as side shuffles, pivots, jumping jacks, cutting between cones, ladder work, planks, and push-ups—you need support from front to back.”

This is from an article I found that sums up my opinions on the matter, and it’s shared below 🙂

No, I’m not saying you need to go out and buy new shoes, of course, but if you’re doing HIIT workouts and you notice you have feet, ankle, knee pain I would highly recommend it!

Personally I love Nike cross trainers. Things I look for:

  1. stability – these have a nice flat bottom, which is perfect for stability.
  2. arch support – I have high arches, and it’s important to have them be snug, but comfortable.
  3. weight – they need to be light!

Here’s more info on picking good HIIT workout shoes—You’re Wearing the Wrong Sneakers During Your HIIT Workouts

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