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Chris Downing’s Shift Shop

Chris Downing’s Shift Shop

A cardio and strength-training program with super trainer, Chris Downing that is a great option for beginners in fitness or those who want to ramp up their results. Each week gradually increases intensity to keep your body guessing and your results coming. There’s also a modifier that helps make this program suitable for almost anyone. Combine this with the easy to follow nutrition plan and you’ll have nothing but results.

Kent and I have done this program many times – it’s one of our favorites! Chris Downing has an electric personality and makes the workouts fun – which makes the whole 3 weeks seem to fly! The nutrition plan comes with many great recipes, which were fun for us to try as well. Chris uses agility training moves to keep the workouts from getting boring – and Kent loved the results it gave him for his vertical jump! I loved feeling strong like an athlete.

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