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It Doesn’t Have to Be All or Nothing

Diet. The word everyone hates, but seems to take on a thousand definitions, depending on who you ask. The health and wellness industry makes billions of dollars a year, and every company is constantly looking for a new spin to sell it.

Most of us believe it’s a necessary evil. It creates extremes, self doubt and leaves some of us stuck in an endless cycle of self loathing, disorders, lack of self confidence, constant envy of others only to have us riding its roller coaster leaving it but then coming back to it just as many times.


I played with Barbies when I was a little girl, like most others. I had a little vanity set in my Barbie house. It had a pink table and chair with working drawers that came with little Barbie-sized makeup containers, perfume bottles, hairdryer, etc. It also came with a scale. Everybody has a scale, right? Barbie’s scale had one number. 110. Every time I stood Barbie on her scale and had her feet press down on the button the wheel always spun to 110. There were no other numbers on the scale, so I naturally assumed as a little girl that I should weigh 110 pounds when I became a woman. While that can be a healthy weight for some, it is not for me, my build or my height (I’m 5’9″).

Maybe you can relate. I wonder if you’ve found yourself struggling with those feelings of self acceptance as I have. I’ve been all over the place with my weight. I’ve been a size 2 and I’ve been a size 10. I’ve tried so many supplements and powders, only to feel defeated and disappointed in the end.

I’ve learned over time as a fitness and nutrition coach that health is different for every single one of us. It’s not a number on the scale or a dress size. It has more to do on the inside than on the outside. You have to love yourself, accept yourself and embrace yourself for who you are and who God made you, no matter what any number or magazine tells you.

And guess what? you also don’t need to starve yourself, cut things out of your diet and eat straight kale for the rest of your life. It is possible to be healthy AND happy. Here’s what I’ve learned to get yourself there and stay there, saying goodbye to the yo-yo for good.


If you’re wanting to incorporate exercise into your life, I don’t recommend committing to 7 days a week of Insanity or please, please do NOT double up workouts. You are setting yourself up for failure, injury and fatigue. Find a program that feels doable but that you enjoy and schedule it into your day 3x a week. Once you get used to that routine, up it to 4 or 5 and so on. Addicted to soda? Change to Diet, and cut it down to one a day or every other day and go from there. If diet soda helps you curb cravings for the regular stuff – great! Of course you shouldn’t live on it, common sense tells us everything in moderation and that’s great advice!


Love who you are now! Stop putting life on hold while you wait for something better to happen. You’re living life today! Each day is a gift, so we need to treat them as such. If you’re not happy now, you won’t be happy when you reach your goals. Change your “I can’t eat that” to “I don’t need that”. Happiness is an inside job.


Everyone, and I mean everyone is different! You will never look like someone else because you do not have their same genetics. You could do the exact same workouts and eat the exact amount of calories as someone else and still get completely different results. Ditch the scale and trash the envy. This has everything to do with the 2 points above; finding success in the small consistent changes and finding gratitude along the way will make this part easy. God made you to be you. And guess what – EVERYONE has folds, cellulite and wiggles a little.


Inviting people to join me on my journey and having that extra accountability has been everything! When I know people are looking for me to share my workout or my meals for the day, or simply just check in, it makes me want to level up! I’m not perfect, and that makes it even better because we support each other through the highs and lows, but we don’t give up or quit! There’s so much to be said for being a part of a community that’s always there for you. If you’d like to try this, I’d love to help you get started. Being a coach has made me want to learn, change, grow and crush goals. I can’t imagine my life without it! I know I’d be wishing I was where I am now. And the fact that I help support my family while doing it makes It a win-win.

Friends, it’s time to stop giving victory to the snare that holds us down in the places we don’t want to be or belong. There are things we can’t control like government mandates or a pandemic, but we can control the way we think, the way we react and the way we move forward and finish this year!

Let’s finish it strong!!

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