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Is there such thing as the perfect job?

Our family learned a hard lesson this year.

Let me preface this by saying we are BLESSED by the community we live in, and my husband with a job that he loves and looks forward to everyday.

However, our eyes were opened WIDE to the realization that many are facing: no job is secure. It used to be that you could find a nice, steady and stable job and make it your career for 30 years. Now that our economy is shifting to be more performance based, it’s become the norm to change jobs, companies or even careers every 3-5 years. That makes it near impossible to retire or save for retirement.

When you think of the perfect job, what comes to mind as being ideal? No boss, no alarm clock, no politics, no educational requirement? Maybe your mind goes to time freedom, unlimited income potential, low risk, perks, something you’d be proud to represent, tax benefits… or maybe even FUN!

Kent went to school for an additional 13 years of training to build a career he knew he would love. It provides for our family well, and like I said – he loves it. He does have to renegotiate his contract with his employer every few years, so when that came again this year we didn’t think much of it. Of course until they used a lot of fancy language basically telling him they wanted him to work MORE, but they will pay him LESS. He had been working very hard to build his career, and his salary was already productivity based – meaning, he gets paid according to how productive he is/how much work he does, so this had us FLOORED. They would not budge. So, for several months we had to consider looking in a new town for a different job, plucking our kids out of the community and their school, and starting completely over. Now – I know many people do this and it’s not the end of the world, but to us it was proof that, no matter what kind of job or career you have, you are never safe. You can never count on the promises made when you were hired, or even that your employer’s got your back.

We come at life with a different perspective now. He has worked very hard and bent over backwards to bring value and do things above and beyond expectation, and then is basically told he had no value, because the business only looks at numbers.

We realized – the closest thing to the perfect job is exactly what I am doing! I have hidden behind saying that being a health coach with Beachbody is just a “hobby” out of fear. Fear of judgement, and what others may think. I am a people – pleaser to the CORE. But the more I allow myself to believe in its possibilities, the more it rewards our family.

I’m not here to say that you should become a Beachbody coach, but I am here to tell you that I’m not ashamed to be one, and I’m not afraid to stand behind my business and say with pride that I am one! It has proven to me that whatever work I put in, I get that much back in reward. It’s given me a community I wouldn’t otherwise have. Friends I would’ve never met. Dreams I didn’t think could be achievable! Of course Beachbody cannot guarantee any level of success or income to any individual, but I have seen time and time again in my own life that the possibilities are endless.

I’ve earned 4 all-inclusive trips, plus others and I’m able to contribute to causes that are important to me and to my family for holiday and vacation expenses. I started only wanting a discount for a one-of-a-kind chocolate shake! Here I am writing newsletters, running a side-hustle with an apparel line (#DUNZO!!) and pushing myself in ways I would’ve never imagined if it weren’t for this company. Please don’t take that as boastful, because I have to pinch myself somedays with how being a part of an MLM has blessed us.

Here are some others:

I can still be the Mom and wife I want to be by picking my work hours.

I don’t have to keep inventory or do in-home parties.

I don’t have to be a salesperson or push sales.

I get to pick the people I work with (my friends!!)

I get to represent a company that is constantly setting the standard, raising the bar and pushing the envelope to be the best of the best.

I am constantly learning how to be a better cook, friend, communicator, how to take better care of myself and my family (so many perks to being a part of a health company!)

The nutrition and fitness industry is NEEDED and there’s no possible way of over-saturation.



I know I am not showing my kids how to be a salesperson, I’m showing them how to help people. That means the world to me! And maybe… just maybe… next time we have to negotiate a contract, we will be in the driver’s seat. 😉

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  • Sheri Rodenbaugh

    September 17, 2019 at 12:38 am Reply

    Happy to be part of your journey!

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