How to Be Festive and Stay on Track

The average weight gain during the holiday season is a whopping 10 pounds! How do you avoid that when you’ve been working on LOSING weight all year?

Here are some creative holiday treat alternatives that are fun to make, and honestly, a less-boring way to be that person that brings the healthy stuff to the party. That is usually me! So I look for things like these to make it more fun, and then I know there’s at least one thing at the party that’s not going to tempt me or keep me from meeting my goals!

Some other tips:

  • Eat a small meal before attending a gathering, or drink Shakeology! If you’re usually tempted to overeat, don’t arrive hungry!
  • Drink a big glass of water before you eat, and stay hydrated during the day. It keeps your metabolism going, and is great for keeping you feeling satisfied.
  • Eat veggies most! When fixing your plate, try to focus on veggies, then proteins, and do small portions, especially if you’ve already eaten.
  • A Bite To Taste: you don’t need to commit to a whole piece of pie, just have a bite! Or, if you’re really wanting that pie and were looking forward to it, then plan on it and ENJOY it. One piece of pie is not going to ruin your progress.
  • Ask yourself: Do I Need This Eating Opportunity? Sometimes just being mindful is all it takes to have that willpower to turn away!
  • Make the gathering about the event or the people you are with, not the food.
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