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Holiday Thrive Guide 2019!

Holiday Thrive Guide 2019!

It’s coming up on my favorite time of year, which also happens to be about all. the. food.
I LOVE food!
But instead of having the mindset of putting our heads down, grabbing our stretchy pants and plowing through to that feeling of remorse January 1, let’s do the opposite!

Join me starting November 4, with a complete focus on BALANCED nutrition. You CAN eat your favorite foods and still not be derailed from your goals and keep those stretchy pants packed away!

Do you struggle with emotional or stress eating?

So many of us do! We will talk about WHY we do and learn tricks on how to overcome it!



Are you tired of the roller coaster of fads and quick fixes?

Aren’t we all!?

That’s what makes this different. We are learning SUSTAINABLE ways of healthy eating, so it’s not short term, and our results aren’t either.

-not a diet

-no restrictions

-no deprivation

Is it possible to be happy -not grumpy when making these kinds of changes?

You bet. Honestly, I wouldn’t tell you about it otherwise.

This program’s focus is on what works best for you individually, because we are not cookie cutter people. It’s about finding a groove where you are happy, you enjoy your food, you lose weight (if that’s needed) and it becomes a lifestyle for you.

The recipes are NOT hard and they’re delicious.


I’m already stressed and busy, why should I do this NOW?

I know, me too. We have office parties, school class parties and concerts, extended family get-togethers. I get it! This is also why right now.

We will cover ALL OF IT!

How to approach parties, what to bring to them, traveling, time with family and going out to eat.

You will be able to put it into practice right away.

REAL TALK: the material is easy to understand and easy to implement. It’s the discipline of carrying it through that will be the hardest. But you will have this whole group of people and me right there with you!

This program COMPLETELY changed how I look at food. I no longer have guilt for eating a treat or get out of control with cravings.

Let’s make this holiday season enjoyable AND still reach goals before 2020!

Here’s More…

Doesn’t that sound amazing? This is an AFFORDABLE, life long access program – plus you’ll always have me by your side.

Use the contact form below to sign up and I’ll get you set up according to your budget and needs.

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