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I’m feeling very passionate about FOOD today! I just had to share and if you’re friends with me on social media, you’ll be seeing more!

What would happen to your car if you put unfiltered gas, or even the wrong kind in it’s tank? It wouldn’t run well or at all, right?!

Our body is a machine. We need fuel to run WELL.

Food is Fuel. And not just any fuel… the right fuel.

Whole grains, FRESH veggies and fruits, lean meats, clean protiens. The less processed, the better. Choose water. Cut the sugar. Of course I advocate balanced living, so sparingly of course!

  1. Food is NOT the enemy. Using it for comfort instead of fuel is where we get into trouble.

    When you look at food as fuel to keep you energized, looking younger, away from the doctor – it helps you to look at it differently!

    Several small meals a day keeps your metabolism going – which burns calories and keeps you energized, also it keeps your blood sugar stable. Water is GREAT for this too!

  2. The answer is not eating at all either! If you’re NOT eating, like just eating one big meal a day, or skipping a meal -this causes your body to shut down and go into a survival mode. (I could get all science-y about this, if you’re curious you can ask me for more details!) also, the next time you eat, you may overeat. No bueno. You may see some weight loss at first, but if your body gets used to not getting fed, it will STORE FAT knowing you’re not eating again for awhile.

    So! If you’re wanting to lose weight, eat sensibly, chew slowly and drink a big glass of water beforehand. Keep working out, and it’ll come!

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