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Spring Break Blitz

Spring Break Blitz

Start date: February 24, 2020 - End date: March 22, 2020

That’s right, friends. It’s TIME.

Time to get serious about our goals!

Are you ready to kick your health into high gear? Bring it for the next FOUR WEEKS as we prepare for Spring Break! This is not a “get fit quick” trick. This is about getting confident and consistent in your habits! We are busy moms who love food, mess up, and try again. We are here to support and encourage on your journey. I’m teaming up with Jill Kirshman and we will offer:
• Practical Tips to stay on track
• Favorite Go-to (kid proof) recipes
• Efficient workouts (fast and effective!)
• All fitness levels welcome!
• And … participation prizes!
Stop wishing and start DOING! You have to start somewhere so why not in a safe space with people just like you?
Starts February 24!

Want to be a part of this group using a free app?
If you’d rather avoid Facebook, send an email to moxiefitness7@gmail.com and leave your full name. I will add you! Curious about the app? Watch this: CLICK HERE