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Running Down A Dream

Running Down A Dream

Start date: October 26, 2020 - End date: November 25, 2020

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I hate running…
I’m not a runner…
I’m bad at it!
All things I’ve been telling myself for years since I quit training for triathlons.
I’ve always hated running and I felt like it beat me up.
I’ve learned something since then:
1. Strength training is KEY when it comes to running.
2. There’s a RIGHT way to run.
And you shouldn’t be surprised that this new 30 day program focuses on both!
It’s kind of like a couch to 5k, except you have a world champion trainer coaching you as you run.
Beginner to marathon runner.
Faster. Fitter.
30 days.
Plus you get to run a virtual 5k for a good cause and a medal! 🏆
Got a treadmill or spin bike collecting dust?
It works for those too. Need to walk it? Perfect. It’s literally for everyone.
You don’t have to be a runner or become one when you’re done!
30 Day Breakaway is actually getting me excited to run again.
I never thought I’d say that!
2020 has given us a million reasons to give up on goals and dreams, live by excuses and waaaiiiitt for things to get better. That’s depressing! We’ve got to make them better.
👉We are going to get knocked down in life. That is a given. What defines us is what we do when we get back up.👈
so, let’s get up.
Let’s lace up.
Let’s prove to ourselves and this year what we can do!
We start Monday, 10/26.
All you need are a few dumbbells, a pair of sneaks 👟 and a little determination.
You can walk, run, skip or bike- inside or out- your choice!
Get ready for the program of your life!
Watch out 2021.
We are coming for you!


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