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June HealthBet!

June HealthBet!

Start date: June 3, 2019 - End date: June 30, 2019

Location: Moxie Fitness Facebook Page

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I LOVE Summer!! I look forward to it all year long, but if you’re like me it comes with a little stress. I have found that without our usual routine that we have during the school year, summer comes with a little chaos!

I really enjoy lazier mornings, later nights and NOT having plans 24/7 – of course! However, that opens the door for everything else to be relaxed – including my healthy habits. Ice cream for dinner is must every so often in the summer, but I’d love some motivation and accountability for all the other meals so I can stay on track!


A 4 week HealthBet is just the thing to help you make some better habits as we kick off summer!

Whether you have a weight loss goal or a dress you want to get into, or just would love the camaraderie of friends sharing recipes and motivating each other to keep your health a priority – this is FOR you!

This is NOT a DietBet. We are not going to be focused on the scale. We will be making our own goals. I will help you come up with a plan, depending on those goals! Exercise – great, but NOT required!

Our last HealthBet was a great success, and our winner took home $200!

Buy in: $20
4 weeks
Only participants vote for winner!

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