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Coach 411

Coach 411

Start date: October 21, 2020 - End date: October 23, 2020

Location: Private FB group

What is Coaching?


Now is such a great time to give coaching a try.

Did you know you can earn $50 when you help a friend with Beachbody?*

Are you using Beachbody On Demand?

Do you have health goals you’re trying to reach?

Do you have friends that are missing their gym if it’s still closed?

Are they joining the Quarantine 15 club?

Don’t let the coach title keep you from inviting them to join you by working off the crazy with Beachbody On Demand!

Create an accountability system with a few of your closest friends and make something positive out of this pandemic situation.

BOD Groups have launched and make it easier than ever to connect – off of social media!


Does Beachbody want you to take advantage of the pandemic?

But they DO want you to feel comfortable inviting your friends doing what you’re doing!



For the month of October:

+ 30 Day Breakaway Challenge Packs (Performance Line + BOD or Shakeology + BOD) are 20% off

+ 30 Day Breakaway Completion Packs (Performance Line or Shakeology + program materials if you already have BOD) are 20% off

+ Plus, signing up is FREE to be a coach and get the discount when you buy either a Challenge Pack or a Completion Pack (otherwise $40)

Not sure how?


I’m here to help!

Starting October 21, I’ll be running a 3 day group teaching you the basics of coaching.


I’ll be showing you:

+ how you can make an income WITHOUT inventory, home parties or the icky sales person feeling
+ We will cover how you can do it while still having goals and not having all the answers
+ I’ll teach you how easy it is to make virtual shopping carts from your Beachbody account and how to set up a BOD Group
I’ll be doing giveaways too – it’s going to be worth your time to be there!


Did I mention you needed to be perfect or have a personal training or nutrition certification?

Nope. Because Beachbody has the best of the best covering that for us.


Fill out the contact form below to sign up!
Maybe you’ve let your BOD lapse and you’re ready to renew. 
Do you already have a coach/ discount account?
Are you new and not sure where to start?

Message me and I’ll make sure we have you set up and ready to go. More questions? Ask me!

*With the sale of a challenge pack. Beachbody does not guarantee any level of success.


Me poolside with a woman that has challenged me and changed me, Autumn Calabrese.