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Does your Body’s pH matter?

Does your Body’s pH matter?

Why you might not be losing weight if you’re “doing everything right”

The answer is not just “you’re diet” because it goes so much deeper than that. I’m not into making a mountain out of a molehill as a scare tactic to get people to believe something.

I AM about education and using what God has given us to make us better from the inside out. We need to actually get to the root of what might be causing a problem instead of treating a symptom! Best to go with what science proves than a hunch. Right?

Our bodies are incredible machines that are constantly working to regulate our blood, which makes our organs all run properly. We have a pH (potential hydrogen) and our bodies are masters at it.

There’s a lot of noise on the internet about drinking alkalinized water (scam! don’t fall for it!) and how you need to drink certain vitamins and minerals to “fix” it. This might mask some symptoms that come with what is said to be an acidic heavy pH – but it’s not fixing anything. We’ll get to that in a minute. So many claims out there that you can “starve” cancer and disease with a high alkaline diet, and these are THEORIES.

FACT is that the food high in alkalinity is also high in many other nutrients that your body craves, while foods high in acid are usually very fatty, full of sugar or artificial sweeteners. Let’s just use common sense here. We all know that high fat, sugar and things like diet soda are horrible for us already. So, it just makes sense.

Take a look at this graphic. Our bodies are happy at a just above the middle pH, favoring alkalinity over acidic.


Without getting overly complicated here, basically the processed foods, wine, cheese, soda, fatty meats, fast food all have high acidic content when digested. The more you eat them, the more your body has to work to regulate your pH – stealing magnesium, iodine, calcium from other places that need them in your body in order to do so. This makes your stomach, your thyroid, brain and other organs lack the nutrients they need to work their best.

However, by looking at the graphic, you see that our stomach acid is at a 1. Stomach acid is some pretty powerful stuff! Also, a very good thing, because that is how the stomach digests food and moves it on to the gut. If food is not broken down well enough, we won’t get the nutrients we need into our blood stream.

How do you know if your pH levels aren’t where they should be?

I don’t think it’s necessary to test your pH. Here are a few things:

If you’re doing your workouts regularly, and not losing weight

So many things to consider with this, but I always recommend to check your nutrition first. For example, if you’re drinking diet or regular soda daily, STOP! It lies in the very acidic, left side of the scale. It’s NOT HELPING YOU. It’s addictive and messing your body up. It needs to go!

The first thing I recommend is to track eating. Write down EVERYTHING you eat and drink for a week. Even bites, licks and tastes. You’ll be surprised at what you find out, and it’s the easiest way to see what you need to cut out or add. Plus, you are burning calories and building muscle, so you need high quality lean protein, and good clean food! Your workout will do you zero good if you’re not refueling properly.

If you have frequent heartburn

First of all, if you have frequent heartburn, it may not just be your diet causing it. Please consult your physician.

Secondly, foods and drinks high in acid make it difficult for your stomach to digest. Stress can also be a factor. Instead of avoiding them altogether, balance them out with foods high in alkalinity. These foods (especially dark, leafy greens) are high in calcium, magnesium and iodine too. Eat most of your foods high on the alkaline side, less foods on the acidic side. That helps you balance your pH. Your body does the rest! No need to stress over it.

By looking at the chart above, you see the 80/20 rule in action. Ideally, we are eating 80% 7-10, 20% 6-3.You also see that a BALANCED DIET is possible and best!

If you’re taking an over the counter medicine for acid reflux, you are adjusting your stomach acidity to the right on this chart. This means you should avoid things in red and orange all together because you don’t have the ability to digest those foods properly.

If you struggle with brain fog and the ability to focus

Again, I think there’s a lot of hocus-pocus out there with this idea, but you have to give yourself a little grace to be human once in awhile. You’re going to have a day when you’re more tired than others, a day here and there where you might feel a little off. It might be due to extra stress or a poor night’s sleep. However, if this is common and you eat a really clean diet, you should consider your salt intake. We do need salt to keep our electrolytes balanced – and if you’re sweating everyday in a workout and not adding salt in your diet, you could be hydrated but electrolyte depleted. You can drink all the water and your body can’t balance properly if you don’t replace your electrolytes. (I love Beachbody’s Hydrate for this!) Not having the ability to focus can also be caused by stress or lack of good sleep. Make sure to add downtime to your schedule, and say no every once in awhile! This is hard for me, but I’ve learned that saying no to even good things gives me opportunity to say yes to the best things.

If you have trouble sleeping

Again, I do believe these things can all be related, and I’d challenge you to make the above changes and see how this helps you in this department!

Easier said than done, right?

We all have plenty of reasons/excuses for why we don’t eat enough greens:

They spoil so quickly.

Fresh greens are hard to find where I live.”

The taste turns me off.

It takes too long to wash and prepare.

They’re just… so… green!

For every excuse we have for not getting enough greens in our diet, there are “like 50 billion reasons why we need to eat them,” says Denis Faye, M.S. and Beachbody’s executive director of nutrition.

OK, so maybe there aren’t quite that many reasons to eat greens, but eating fruits and vegetables daily is a non-negotiable part of a healthy diet.

Yet only 18 percent of adults eat the recommended daily amount of fruit, and a mere 14 percent get enough vegetables (including greens) each day.

But if you’re a not a vegetable lover or you don’t have access to a variety of fresh greens, a greens supplement like Power Greens might be a good place to start.

“Man can only eat so many salads,” says Faye, and a greens supplement like Power Greens helps you boost your nutrition without having to eat your weight in greens.

A healthy diet with plenty of greens may help support the body’s optimal acid-alkaline balance

Everything in your body strives for balance, says Faye, and that includes your acidity and alkalinity, otherwise known as your pH balance.

Many holistic traditions encourage a diet rich in alkaline foods, including greens, and there’s even an alkaline diet.

Faye says we eat plenty of foods that are naturally acidic — including protein, dairy, and grains. Veggies like greens, along with nuts, fruits, and mushrooms, are naturally alkaline.

Guess what else has mushrooms, fruits, veggies, phytonutrients and power greens?

Shakeology. A NATURAL, all food, no fillers supplement that actually meets your body’s needs as opposed to masking them. But there’s one thing. It tastes amazing!! I would not drink it if it was gritty and gross. Trust me.

You can meet our bodies needs with food, but realistically, we need help! Our busy, on-the-go lives make it hard to eat and prepare all of the food we need each and everyday. Eat your fruits and veggies to reap their benefits, but consider adding a scoop of Power Greens to your daily Shakeology to quickly and easily add more greens to your diet.




So, the long answer?

There is no need to focus or worry about your body’s pH levels. Just strive for a healthy lifestyle with real foods, exercise, water and balance. Your body will reward you for it and know what to do! Shakeology and Power Greens Boost are great, 100% pure and clean helps but they are not promised to cure anything. 😉

Read more HERE on how Shakeology has helped me!

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