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Welcome — I’m so thankful to have you on my team, Moxie Fitness!

The word “moxie,” as defined by Merriam-Webster, describes someone who has energy, pep, courage, determination and know-how. My goal is to build a team of people who have positive energy and determination to help others, and together we can encourage each other in our own fitness journeys as we hope to encourage others in theirs. Of course it’s not about perfection – nobody is perfect! It’s about finding progress through our imperfection, together!

I hope that you find these resources as helpful as I have, and of course you can reach out to me anytime via email or text. I want you to always feel supported as you build your fitness business!

Team Resources

One of the great things about being a part of my team and team Beachbody, is that you are now a part of a family. You have the privilege and opportunity to have access to amazing resources through our up-line team, the Fit Club Network. Dave Ward and Monica Koon have been coaches for over 10 years and have met goals beyond their wildest dreams through some of the biggest milestones possible in this business. Through their leadership and experience, they have provided a resource for us to learn from them exactly how they do it. This is a MUST do as you get started with your own business. You won’t regret it.

L’une des grandes qualités de faire partie de mon équipe et de mon équipe Beachbody, c’est que vous faites maintenant partie d’une famille. Vous avez le privilège et la possibilité d’avoir accès à des ressources exceptionnelles grâce à notre équipe en ligne, le Fit Club Network. Dave Ward et Monica Koon ont été entraîneurs pendant plus de 10 ans et ont atteint des objectifs au-delà de leurs rêves les plus fous à travers certains des plus grands jalons possibles dans cette entreprise. Grâce à leur leadership et leur expérience, ils nous ont fourni une ressource pour apprendre d’eux exactement comment ils le font. C’est un must à faire pour démarrer votre propre entreprise. Vous ne le regretterez pas.

Get to know your Beachbody family! Being a part of weekly video calls, team specific announcements and training. It’s also an amazing resource for generic questions you might have about coaching. There is so much experience in this group, and everyone is willing to help and share.

Do cash and prizes motivate you? Be a part of our team’s very own monthly contest! All you need to do is take before and after pictures as you are comfortable, and follow the directions on the site. This is a great tool as a coach if you have challengers needing some extra motivation, or if you’re needing some yourself!

Upcoming Events

June HealthBet!

Start date: June 3, 2019
End date: June 30, 2019

Location: Moxie Fitness Facebook Page

Challenge Group

June HealthBet!

Let’s get SummerSet, have fun and stick to our goals together! Weekly prizes and a grand prize at the end – join our SUMMERSET HEALTHBET!!

Shake It Up!

Start date: June 18, 2019
End date: June 22, 2019

Location: Moxie Fitness Facebook Page

Knowledge is Power

Shake It Up!

Learn what sets Shakeology apart from everything else out there—it’s not a protein shake, it’s so much more! Click to get more details.

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