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Beachbody Summit 2019

Beachbody Summit 2019

I never thought I’d be one of “these” people.

I was thinking about this as we were on our way to my 5th company conference, and I know many people roll their eyes and think, “Oh, just another one of those pyramid schemes and this is all I’m going to hear about for the next 4 days…” lol! I know! I think the same thing!

But there I went again, riding in a car for 6 hours, headed to a big city that is going to be crowded with an extra 20,000 people.

We have just hosted Kent’s family of 30 for 4 days over the holiday, and now we had to make arrangements for all 5 kids, the dog, chickens, rabbits, guinea pig… lol.

My husband even takes precious time off work to join me.


Why is this important to me, or even us as a couple?

Answer: When we were looking for alternatives to the gym, we found COMMUNITY.

How It Started:

Six years ago when our marriage was falling apart and we were both grasping for something that was our own by each training for triathlons – separately – we realized we had to make a change or we weren’t going to make it.

A friend suggested at home workouts. She and her husband had done this one called Insanity together, and it was a good “marriage builder”.  We said yes and started huffing it out together every morning with Shaun T. We both quickly realized we were not as “in shape” as we thought – and what a marriage builder it was!

At the same time, because I was tri-training, I was looking for/trying all kinds of protein shakes, supplements – searching for something that could help me along. I felt like I was stuck. I had baby weight I was still trying to lose but I was exhausted and starving all the time. Nothing seemed to touch it. Then Kent’s tri-training buddy suggested we try Shakeology.

Within a week, I could FEEL the difference. Sold. I had energy, I was full and within the next couple of months I dropped the 10 pounds I had been trying so hard to lose. I learned about the discount and off we went. I was happy as a clam with this fresh start we had, and our new abundance of free time now that we weren’t taking turns biking on the road or swimming at the gym. And we were in much better shape, in 3/4 of the time! Our minds were blown!

Fast forward a bit. As time went on, and I was sharing with our friends what we were doing, their interest was peaked. I was also getting to know some other people around the country who had similar stories to mine, and had a similar passion for health.

That’s where it began: COMMUNITY.  The next year – completely terrified out of my mind – I flew by myself to my first Summit. I would be rooming with 4 other girls I had connected with online, but never met in person. Why was I going? I didn’t care too much about the opportunities of having my own business through Beachbody, I wanted to workout with Shaun T, Chalene and Tony!!! And… meet this community.

My First Summit:

What stood out to me? That there were people of every race, age, size and fitness level, and they were genuinely there because they want to help people. The CEO had a 20 minute speech. Was it about how to make money? Never mentioned it once. It was about how for so many, they just need a friend to help and encourage them. He talked about helping people. Left completely blown away and inspired! Couldn’t wait to reach out to my friends and start a community of my own!

Summit 2019:

Same as all the years prior. People of every race, age, size and fitness level. Genuine, caring, everyday people. The CEO? Also the same. But he has come back every year with new, innovative, top of the line products to HELP people, and they’re affordable because… well, #coaches. No middle man, no inventory, no overstocking. New Super Trainers who are passionate about… nope, not their ego. Helping people! So, you really can’t help but be mind-blowingly inspired by it all! The most amazing part of it for me this year? I got to bring my own community with me. And they got to meet face -to- face with our greater community, our team – the people that are constantly helping, encouraging and inspiring each other DAILY. There’s just something MAGIC about being around others who share a passion for health and helping others. It makes me think of Phil 2:1-4!!

I asked Kent and our buddy Brooks what they look forward to every Summit, you know, to get a guy’s perspective. Kent is my #1 fan and supporter so he voluntarily comes as my team’s sherpa 😉 But he really enjoys the keynote speakers (this year was Rachel Hollis!) and the workshops because they mainly focus on life skill sets, so they are applicable to EVERYONE!  Brooks does the Classic every year and has found a really fun community of friends through that, and he said he enjoys being around “like-minded people”. Bam!

People who put in the effort to make their health a priority – people with demanding jobs, families and commitments. All ages, fitness levels and stages in life. They come to learn and be inspired to help others. We all leave ON FIRE and ready to HELP!

It really is an incredible experience you don’t want to miss! Plus this year, some of my team got a bonus photo op with Joel Freeman because I organized a #DUNZO shirt group pic!

NOW IS THE TIME TO GET A TICKET FOR NEXT YEAR! They are the cheapest they’ll ever be right NOW, and I know you want to be there with us!

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