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Avoiding the Quarantine 15

Avoiding the Quarantine 15

If you’re anything like me, you’re trying to make the most of this quarantine situation. But, next thing you know, your kitchen is full of baked goods and you find yourself doing a lot of sitting and eating!

There’s definitely nothing wrong with encouraging your kids to bake, making a snack for a movie marathon or diving into a new book. Honestly, I think we need to find ways that help us cope and find enjoyment in this worldwide crisis! I know that some of us are busier than ever because you might have job that’s deemed essential and/or you’re able to bring your work home. There’s an additional hardship by working in your home environment or stress by being “out there” in public places right now. Then there’s those that don’t have a choice but have to be home. I’m with you!

Is it possible to be dealing with stress, sitting around more and baking and still NOT gain weight?

I have a few tips that work for me that I’d love to share with you.

Give Yourself Grace🌸 

As my husband says several times a day (it’s turned into a joke around here) we are living in “unprecedented times”. If your scale goes up 2-5 pounds, it’s called ‘vanity weight’. That can be caused by water retention from a salty meal, it could be from a hard workout the day before or maybe you just need a good 💩. Our bodies also respond to stress! I’ll touch on that again in another post… But don’t sweat it. ❤️

Water First 💦 

If you know me, you know I talk about this ALL. THE. TIME. You already know that water is good for you and there’s a million reasons why your body needs it, but did you know that drinking water consistently throughout the day helps your metabolism kick in and work throughout the day (vs starving yourself which shuts it down)? Did you know that water gives you energy, and satiates your appetite? If you didn’t, now you do! Drink a glass first thing in the morning, and always drink 16 oz. before meals or before a snack. Which leads me to the next one…

Take Out the Emotion 😢😃😴😠

You’re not hungry, you’re bored … or stressed, or tired, or lonely… all the triggers for reaching for a snack… I always think of the Jim Carrey version of The Grinch, “Am I just eating because I’m bored?” Refer back to #2. Drink water before reaching for a snack, wait 10 minutes and see how you feel then.

Practice Mindful Eating 🍽

Make yourself a plate at meal times with mostly veggies, then protein, then carbs (Think fuel!). Are you watching your phone or in front of the TV while you eat? Turn  them off. Eating standing up? Take a seat. Don’t eat until you just can’t take one more bite. Eat slowly and stop before you’re too full. An extra step: write down everything you eat. Every snack, every meal, every bite, lick or taste. Not to feel guilty or bad – just so you get an accurate picture of your habits. These are all small, easy ways you can be more mindful about what you’re eating, why and how much.

Think Calories In Vs. Calories Out 🍭

It really is that simple. The more junk you eat, the more you’ll store – if it’s not burned off through activity, and that’s nearly impossible to do if you’re going overboard daily. You can’t outrun your fork. Be mindful of how many calories are in a beer or a glass of wine, or a soda! My number one tip to get started on better habits? Kick the soda to the curb. One of the worst things for you out there! That and energy drinks. Just say NO.

Give Yourself a Limit 🛑

Do you have enough self-control to do that? If you know you will eat something until it’s gone – then don’t start! Maybe decide on one small treat a day, one drink a week, or one “cheat day”. It’s not that you need to cut anything out completely – you just need to enforce self control and limits to keep the lbs down.

Get Moving 🏃‍♀️

Another way to keep your metabolism working is by moving your body! Get up every hour and go for a short walk, do some planks or wall sits, jumping jacks or lunges – something to get your body moving and heart rate up. Also – join me! I’ve got 2 online groups going in April. One is 10 Rounds, one is generic health and fitness group where many are sharing recipes as well! Ask me about these!

Nix the Nighttime Snacks 📺

This is the hard one for me. I grew up eating a huge bowl of Life cereal EVERY. SINGLE. NIGHT! With spoonfuls of sugar 😩The best way to make sure you’re not actually hungry is to make sure you’re getting your water in each day, and eating a satisfying dinner (remember, veggies most, then protein!). Close that kitchen after 7! You don’t need food sitting in your stomach while you sleep or those extra calories. Starving? Every so often, I’ll make a super icy Shakeology and eat it like ice cream. 😋

Have the habit of eating a snack every night? Replace it with a cup of non-caffeinated tea, some bubbly water like La Croix or just plain water. Brush your teeth and put on a whitening strip! It’ll take a few nights, because your body is used to that routine, but you’ll get it and it’ll be worth it!

Start with a Clean Slate 🧼

Maybe a reset button is what’s needed! Join me starting May 6 for my 3 Day Refresh group! It’s a quick 3 days with an awesome, gentle cleanse from Beachbody. There’s no starving or discomfort or frequent bathroom trips. Get more details on what it is HERE. And CLICK HERE to sign up!

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