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American Ninja Warrior

American Ninja Warrior


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had the opportunity to represent at an America Ninja Warriors event and it was nothing short of awesome!

Thanks to all of you who supported our collaboration with Joel Freeman and our #DUNZO shirt, I was able to donate money to help bring Ninjas to an event in our state.

They had a mini course set up for adults and kids, and five ninjas came and taught kids how to run the course, working with them hands on!

I have a huge heart for family fitness and the importance of our kids turning off games and headsets and getting moving, and guess what? So do they. These guys loved on the kids and it was awesome to see.

As a momma, I welled up watching them interact and encourage my 3 youngest boys – these guys are top notch influencers for sure.

I went with the intention of supporting my kids, meeting the ninjas and just hanging out, because HONESTLY – I was afraid to try the course! I like to plan and be prepared, and since I had no idea what the course would be like, so it was easier for me to just tell myself I didn’t need to go there. So that’s what I did!

But then – my boys really wanted me to try the warped wall… and out of NOWHERE came Maggi Thorne, telling me to try it. She basically MADE me. So I started with the 8’ wall – and that was actually kind of easy. So, she made me try the 10’ wall. That was a little harder, but I didn’t give up and I clambered my way to the top my first try.



You never know what you can do until you try.

Also, stop living in FEAR!

Another bonus for me was sitting down with Maggi Thorne. She is a 3x ANW competitor and a single mom to 3 kids. She was a college athlete and wanted to continue to use fitness as a way to challenge herself. I learned that we both share a favorite bible verse, which is 1 Tim 1:7:

For God has not given us a spirit of fear, but one of power, love and self discipline.

I was sharing with her my passion for health and fitness that came from being in a hard mental place as a Mom. Fitness, setting goals and finding others to connect to, inspire and be inspired helped pull me out of a horrible rut of sluggishness, exhaustion and lack of purpose. However, I still am scared. I’m still intimidated by failure and judgement – sometimes to the point of being completely frozen by it!

Looking at Maggi and seeing all that she’s accomplished, you’d think she didn’t struggle with that. But she assured me, she does!

She challenges herself to do one thing a year that scares her, commits to it and goes for it.

She also admitted to getting scared before doing the Ninja courses – she said she recognizes it and pushes through it!

Such a cool girl, and I was completely inspired by her! We had an instant, real connection. And in the moment I realized how much I hold myself back. Not anymore! Thank you, Maggi.

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