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A Little Obsessed by Autumn Calabrese

A Little Obsessed by Autumn Calabrese

A Little Obsessed is a 5 day series of 30 minute workouts that will work your abs, booty, and total body! These workouts are shorter, easier versions of the 80 Day Obsession program, which is an intermediate to advanced program for anyone who wants to shape their butt and flatten their abs. ALO is a Beachbody On Demand exclusive that includes a 5-day meal plan and calendar.

A Little Obsessed is the perfect way to get a flavor of 80 Day Obsession before you decide to go all – in on this awesome 80 day program. You will need some equipment: light, medium and heavy to you weights, resistance bands and sliders – I can hook you up with the latter two, so no worries on that.

If you don’t like cardio heavy or high impact workouts, this is a great way to go. Autumn is also very real and light-hearted which makes the workouts go quickly!

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