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30 Day B R E A K A W A Y




You asked for a running program and it’s here, but in a way you’d never expect!

30 Day Breakaway is a running-meets-resistance training challenge designed to get you fitter and faster. In just 30 days, you can lose up to 15 lbs. and crush a 5K. Super Trainer Idalis Velazquez teaches you how to train smarter, first by lifting to build lean muscle then by breaking away for a run. Even if you’ve never run before in your life—or haven’t tried in years— Idalis guides every step until you build your confidence and cross the finish line, together.


What makes 30 Day Breakaway unique?

30 Day Breakaway is Beachbody’s first program to combine body-sculpting strength training with the fat-burning power of running—a super-effective approach that helps you get more results in less time…and an unbelievable transformation at the 5K finish line. In just 30 days, you can run a 5K—either on your own in your neighborhood, as part of the 30 Day Breakaway Virtual 5K, or possibly a local race that’s tied to raising money for a charity. No matter how you participate, it’ll be your first milestone of many as a runner. With audio options to take your runs outside, you can pop on your headphones and break away from your living room. When you can’t get outside, Idalis leads you through video-based runs set against beautiful backdrops that you can do on your treadmill—she even includes a Rainy Day Cardio routine in case getting outdoors or running indoors isn’t an option. And every workout is originally recorded in both English and Spanish, so you can break away in your preferred language (French dubbing also available). FITTER. FASTER.


Who is Idalis Velazquez?

Idalis is a NASM-certified personal trainer and creator of Beachbody’s Spanish-language program, Mes de Más. She’s been a dedicated athlete since her days in Puerto Rico, where she ranked nationally as a track-and-field star for 10 years. In 30 Day Breakaway, she’ll be running in some of the most breathtaking locations to inspire you to do the same—to break away at your own pace, even walking if you need to while you work your way up to a run, so you can get allover body-defining results and lose up to 15 lbs. in just 30 days.



What’s included:
*20 RUNNING WORKOUTS (10 video & 10 audio)
Idalis coaches you through every step with video-based runs you can do from your treadmill or audio workouts that make it easy to pop on your headphones and break away outside.
Lift weights a few days a week to enhance muscle definition and build strength that help power your runs.
Get your sweat on indoors with Rainy Day Cardio—especially on days that you can’t break away for a run.
Make sure you properly stretch and help your muscles recover with this workout.
Five bonus workouts round out your 5K training—Runners Warm-Up, Runners Cooldown, Endurance Intervals Audio, Progressive Buildups Walk Audio, Dropdown Recovery Walk Audio.

The Coach-Exclusive purchase window kicks off on Oct 5. Workouts will be posted weekly during the Coach-Exclusive window so you can start doing the program right away. Offers go on sale and VIP Early Access starts for everyone on Oct 19. The program will enter the Beachbody On Demand Member Library March 22, 2021.

Make sure you join the 30 Day Breakaway VIP Training Boot Camp which runs during the Coach-Exclusive purchase window (Oct 5–18)! This is a group for Coaches only and is designed to educate you about 30 Day Breakaway, the optimal nutrition needed to complete the program, and how to set up your group on BODgroups. As part of this group, you’ll receive direct access to Idalis, as well as tools and resources to prepare you to help your customers get results with 30 Day Breakaway. All Coaches are welcome, no purchase necessary.


Try the sample workout HERE!


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